Use Safety Window Films To Reduce Security Costs

safety window films

Safety & Security window film is one of the best solutions available today for enhancing the safety of a structure or an individual. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is also known as Vinyl. PVC is known to be an excellent fire retardant and is non-combustible. It can resist high temperatures and can also withstand solvents and high pressures. Therefore it provides a lot of benefits and thus, safety window film is being used across the globe for enhancing the safety of a structure.

Features and Benefits

Safety window films come with different types of features that are designed for several purposes. For instance, one of the major features of safety & security window films is their high effectiveness against natural disasters. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and flooding can destroy any structure with or without windows. However, with safety & security window films, it becomes highly difficult for any break-in to penetrate these films and enter your home. Apart from windows, it can also help in preventing forced entry into homes, offices and other commercial buildings.

Another major advantage of safety & security window films is that it helps in improving the energy efficiency of a structure. Since it prevents the penetration of any solid object into the glass, it increases the amount of light that can pass through the glass, hence, enhancing the brightness and durability of the glass. This helps in reducing the electricity bills and hence reduces further environmental pollution. Hence, when you use 3M safety window films, you can reduce your electricity bills, further helping to improve the environment.

These films can also enhance the safety of your home by preventing any intruder from breaking into your windows. Since they are laminated, if there is a spark, the film will break into blunt fragments, without damaging the glass. These fragmented bits of glass are not dangerous since they are small enough to prevent any harm from coming to your home. However, this feature tends to be of little help, if the intruder has a sharp blade or any gun. The shards of the broken film, when passed on to the human eye, will cause severe pain and injuries. Hence, this feature makes these films highly useful for protecting your home from intruders and burglars.

safety window films

Safety Film VS Traditional Glass

When comparing these films with conventional glass breakage window panes, one cannot fail to mention the safety measures it puts in place. As you know, shattering a pane of glass is not only injurious to you but also to anybody nearby. However, if the film shatters, the shards are tiny and small enough to avoid any person getting hurt. As a result, the chances of people seeing the intruder through the film are almost zero, which is better than being sighted through the damaged glass.

These products are also very useful against natural disasters. If there is a power blackout in your city, these films will help you keep your home safe from floods and heavy rains. When the film is hit by heavy rain, the shards of glass will not be able to pierce the substance, thereby, preventing any harm to you or your family. Similarly, a hurricane will not affect the glass in your windows, thereby, keeping your house safe from severe weather. In short, you can keep broken glass out of your house, as well as from natural disasters, by using these products.

The best thing about these films is that they do not affect the visual quality of your windows and do not look like a bulky barrier, either. Hence, you can use them in any part of the world, without having to worry about aesthetics. Furthermore, these films can also help reduce security costs, since they can make your property less prone to crimes such as break-ins. As a result, they will help lower your insurance premiums, which is good for your pocket.

Installing window films is quite easy. You can install them in your home or workplace easily, without calling your handyman. Once you install a security window film, you can be sure that your property is protected against all kinds of threats and hazards. Thus, you can make your home or office a lot safer, without spending too much money on security measures.